Mark Letcher

Professor Mark Letcher

Assistant Professor

of English

CLO 278 | 219/989-2644

Courses commonly taught:

EDCI 341: Secondary English Methods

ENGL 391: Composition for Teachers

ENGL 492: Literature in Secondary Schools

ENGL 412: Adolescent Fiction


PhD in Education, The Ohio State University (2010)
MA in English, Southern Illinois University (1997)
BSEd in English, Millersville University (1994)


Mark Letcher joined PUC in 2010, and serves a joint appointment between the Department of English and Philosophy, and the Department of Teacher Preparation. His responsibilities involve overseeing the Secondary Language Arts Teaching program. A former secondary teacher, Dr. Letcher has been involved with preservice teacher education since his time as a doctoral student at The Ohio State University. His primary research interests are in adolescent literature, graphic novels, and their classroom applications. He currently serves as the young adult literature column editor for English Journal, a publication of the National Council of Teachers of English. He has published pieces in English Journal and College Composition and Communication, and has presented at conferences such as NCTE, CCCC, and AERA.

Curriculum Vitae

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