Dennis H. Barbour

Professor Dennis Barbour

Associate Professor

of English

CLO 288 | 219/989-2649

Courses commonly taught:

PHIL 106
ENGL 231
ENGL 240
ENGL 260
ENGL 261
ENGL 350/351
ENGL 383
ENGL 411
ENGL 420 Online
ENGL 462/463
ENGL 479
ENGL 541
ENGL 554
ENGL 579
ENGL 590/698 (MA Thesis)

Areas of Specialization:

American Literature
British Literature (Medieval, 18th, 19th, 20th Centuries)
Bible as Literature (Old and New Testaments)
Business and Technical Writing


Ph.D., Auburn University, 1979  (Early American Literature)
M.A., Indiana State University, 1971
B.A., Indiana State University, 1969
(20 hours MBA work, Auburn University)

Research Interests:

Published articles on Jonathan Edwards, Edward Taylor, apocalyptic film,
pedagogical articles on Business/Technical Writing

Present Work:

The article “The Evolution of The Thing” has been published in Popular Culture Review 2012. An invited essay on “The Lovecraft Circle” appears in Sense of Wonder, an anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy, fall, 2012. An article “Rowena’s Side of the Story:Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wall-Paper’ and Poe’s ‘Ligeia’” has been submitted for consideration; teaching literature courses; working with the Dual Credit initiative with local high schools in composition and literature.


Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award, 1993-94

Curriculum Vitae

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