David Detmer

David Detmer

Professor of Philosophy


CLO 266 | 219/989-2941 detmer@purduecal.edu

Courses commonly taught:

PHIL 106: Human Experience in Art, Literature, Music & Philosophy
PHIL 110: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 111: Ethics
PHIL 120: Critical Thinking
PHIL 219: Existentialism
PHIL 221: Philosophy of Science
Plus a wide variety of upper-level courses

Areas of Specialization:



B.A. in Philosophy, Boston University
M.A. in Philosophy, Northwestern University
Ph.D. in Philosophy, Northwestern University


David Detmer is the author of four books, Freedom as a Value (1988), Challenging Postmodernism (2003), Sartre Explained (2008), and Phenomenology Explained (2013), as well as numerous articles and book chapters, on such topics as Sartre, vegetarianism, the Beatles, Rorty, the death penalty, Baudrillard, Woody Allen, the U.S, mass media, Habermas, Husserl, U.S. foreign policy, modern art, existentialism, Gadamer, Ricoeur, Heidegger, Nietzsche, and virtue-based epistemology.

Curriculum Vitae

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