Daniel Punday


Professor and Head of the Department of English and Philosophy

CLO 217 | 219/989-2261 punday@purduecal.edu

Commonly taught classes:

ENGL 501:  Research Methods
ENGL 403:  Literary Theory
ENGL 602:  Seminar in Literary Theory
ENGL 351:  American Literature Since 1850
ENGL 231:  Introduction to Literature


Daniel Punday received his BA from the University of Pittsburgh and his MA and PhD from the Pennsylvania State University.  He is the department head, and advisor to students in the graduate program.

He writes and teaches about literary theory, contemporary narrative, and literature in an electronic environment.  He has published four books, Narrative after Deconstruction (SUNY, 2002), Narrative Bodies (Palgrave, 2003), Five Strands of Fictionality: The Institutional Construction of Contemporary American Fiction (Ohio State, 2011), and Writing at the Media Limit:  Searching for the Vocation of the Novel in the Contemporary Media Ecology (Nebraska, 2012).  He has published in journals like College English, New Literary History, Contemporary Literature, and American Literature, and the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism.  His current research focuses on the relationship between literary and computing culture.

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