Registration for Graff workshop now open

Hi everyone,
The English Lecture Series is bringing Gerald Graff back to campus for a one-day workshop on April 12.  Gerald Graff, currently teaching at the University of Illinois at Chicago, is best known for advocating that universities “teach the conflicts” within and across disciplines, and has been an influential voice in university pedagogy over the last two decades.
Gerald Graff’s workshop is entitled “Helping Our Students Enter the Academic Conversation,” for which he provided the following summary:    “Since Kenneth Burke compared the life of the mind to a never ending parlor conversation, the idea that successful writing enters such conversations has been an attractive one to many teachers.  But given the daunting nature of much academic communication, how to help students actually write their way into our conversations is often a perplexing challenge.  This workshop will address that challenge and ways teachers can overcome it, drawing on ideas and strategies developed by Gerald Graff in *Clueless in Academe* (2003) and Graff and Cathy Birkenstein in *”They Say/I Say”: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing* (3rd ed., 2014)  It will also take up the special challenge of how writing assignments in literature courses can enable students to enter advanced critical conversations.”
Our April 12 workshop will feature a discussion lead by Professor Graff, as well as presentations by local university and high school teachers focusing on the subject of academic literacy.  The event is free and open to local teachers and university students.  Because we are providing lunch, we require registration.  To register, please follow this link:
We look forward to seeing you on the 12th.