London Calling – Study Abroad in Oxford & London! July 3-19, 2014

London Calling – Study Abroad in Oxford & London! July 3-19, 2014

On 28 February 2014 (12:00 to 1:00 pm in CLO 240) join us for an Oxford-London Program 2014 Information Session that will include finalized details about this amazing trip! During this meeting we will have access to the web and plan to book our flights to London as a group. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your academic profile and immerse yourself in British literature and culture! The deadline for application submission and the first payment of $460 is January 23, 2014. Applications should be submitted to the IPO office (CLO 176). Payments must be made at the Schneider Avenue Business Office (east of campus on 169th Street).

The purpose of this interdisciplinary course (designed for majors in English, Political Science, and History as well as for independent learners) is to study eighteenth-century British literature and culture through the lens of the 21st century. The course will include the works of journalists such as Joseph Addison and Richard Steele, intellectual giants such as Samuel Johnson and James Boswell, and artists and architects such as Christopher Wren, William Hogarth, Johann Zoffany, and Joshua Reynolds. Students who sign up for this 3-credit course (July 3 through August 1) will get the opportunity to participate in a historical tour of Oxford and London (July 3 through 19) in order to engage in approximately 15 days of total immersion in the culture. Note that part of this class will be held on line (Blackboard Learn), before and after the “study abroad” segment.

English literature students: Study how the birth of English fiction coincided with the establishment of museums, academies, and libraries;

History Students: Examine the foundations of the British empire and the boom in explorations, trade, commerce, and the mercantile system;

Political Science Students: Study the roots of political dissent, including rebellions, riots, and revolution.

The site visits in London (July 13 through 20) will include the following:

  • Course-related and cultural immersion: The British Museum
  • Course-related and cultural immersion: The British Library
  • Course-related: The London Metropolitan Archives
  • Cultural Immersion: The Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Course related: Samuel Johnson’s House, Gough Square
  • Course-related and cultural immersion: Westminster Abbey
  • Cultural Immersion: The Royal Academy
  • Cultural Immersion: The Globe Theatre
  • Cultural Immersion: Tate Modern

Cross-Listed Courses: English 33500 (Ex L); History 39000 (IDIS zero credit); Political Science 39000 (IDIS zero credit);

The course will be taught by Dr. Mita Choudhury (Department of English and Philosophy;, who has published books and articles on various aspects of British Enlightenment literature and culture, conducted research in a number of libraries and archives in the UK, and has also traveled extensively in the UK and Europe.