The 40th Stark-Tinkham Awards Celebration

Last Friday, over 100 students, staff, faculty and alumni gathered in Alumni Hall to celebrate the 40th Annual Stark-Tinkham Writing Contest and to hear guest speaker Stuart Dybek. Thanks are due to many people who worked hard to make the event a success. Colin Fewer was the primary organizer for the event. Regina Biddings-Muro and the staff in the Office of Advancement, including Sheryl Corey and Logan Julien, did an incredible job of promoting the event, finding lost alumni, processing registrations, managing the event space setup, and countless other tasks. Dennis Barbour managed an editorial team, including Janine Harrison, Jade Lee, and many others, that looked at the last decade of winning entries and selected representative works for the 40th Anniversary retrospective anthology of winning entries (which will be available in the library and bookstore soon). Bill Hanyzewski and the staff of Lithographic Communications LLC helped design and produce a very fine-looking anthology. Shelley Szymonik of University Relations designed the great new contest logo that you’ve seen in our promotions, and designed a lovely cover for the anthology. Wes Lukoshus and Sue Ellen Ross helped promote the event to local media. Liz Kubacki helped manage registrations and keep everything on track. Dean Ron Corthell worked with Regina to locate funds to support the event. John Rowan, Janine Harrison, Dennis Barbour, Mark Letcher, Mark Mabrito and Colin Fewer judged this year’s contest entries.

It was a great evening, and we’d like to think that Charlie and Sigrid would have been very happy and proud. We congratulate the winners of the 40th Annual Stark-Tinkham Writing Contest, and those students and alumni whose work was chosen for the anthology, and we look forward to the next 40 years