Secondary Education Preparation

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Middle and High School Science and Mathematics Teaching Options

President Obama called for training of 100,000 new teachers to prepare students for the 2.7 million new jobs expected by 2018 in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The teaching profession is challenging and rewarding. As a science or mathematics teacher, you will awaken creativity in your students and provide a foundation for lifelong learning – a spark that will burn brightly for a lifetime!

The Secondary Education program is delivered collaboratively with the College of Education and designed for those interested in teaching in middle and high schools. As part of teacher preparation coursework, you will begin working with young adults early in the program. To earn an Indiana teaching license in life sciences, physical sciences (chemistry and physics) or mathematics, you must pass state examinations in your content area.

You will complete a BS degree program in Mathematics or one of the sciences. At the same time, a team of advisers from the College of Education will work with you to ensure that you register for the appropriate secondary education preparation courses, most of which will count as electives within your mathematics of science major.

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Program Requirements for Secondary Teaching in Science and Math Programs

The courses listed below are applicable to secondary teaching programs in Mathematics, Biology (Life Science), Physical Science, Chemistry, and Physics. These courses may be used to meet elective and general education n courses in the student’s major, where applicable. In some instances this may require more than 120 credits to complete both the degree and licensing requirements.

Gate 1
Course Name Course Number Credit Hours
History & Philosophy of Education EDFA 20000 (f) 3
Introduction to Special Education EDPS 260000 3
Psychology of Education EDPS 22000 3

Course Name Course Number Credit Hours
Gate 2
Teaching and Learning in the K-12 Classroom EDCI 35500 (f) 3
Use of Assessment in the Classroom EDCI 36600 3


Gate 3
Course Name Course Number Credit Hours
Teaching Students with Diverse Learning Needs EDPS 37000 (f) 3
Reading in Middle and Secondary Schools EDCI 30900 3
One of the following courses, depending upon the student’s major:
Course Name Course Number Credit Hours
Science Teaching in Middle School, Jr High, High School EDCI 34600 (f) 3
Strategies of Mathematics Instruction in Senior High, Junior & Middle School EDCI 34400 (f) 3


Gate 4
Course Name Course Number Credit Hours
Student Teaching in the Secondary Classroom EDCI 49700 (f) 12