Strategic Plan

The College of Engineering, Mathematics, and Sciences (CEMS) plays an important role in equipping a 21st century workforce in Northwest Indiana and beyond. That workforce is becoming increasingly dependent on knowledge and experience gained from engineering, mathematics and the scientific disciplines, which drive emerging components of the world economy. Students who gain that knowledge are poised to contribute in substantial ways to the technological needs of the world.  Our mission and vision articulates how we will fulfill our role.

Vision Statement:

Our college will be the focal scientific, engineering, and mathematical resource for the populace of our region, providing accessible career gateways for students, and intellectual and material resources to positively impact our community, the nation, and the world.

Mission Statement:

The College of Engineering, Mathematics, and Science at Purdue University Calumet is dedicated to providing a nexus for world-class science-focused education of the next generation of leaders, partnerships with our community, and continuous growth and development of the region. In this central role, the college embraces its responsibility as a nurturing environment for faculty and staff.  Pursuant to this mission, our strategic goals are enumerated below.

Strategic Goals

  1. Attract and graduate students with programs that resonate with their interests, and leverage students’ strengths and aptitudes for success.
  2. Promote, foster and support a faculty of excellence.
  3. Enable students to excel academically and professionally.
  4. Engage in outreach that is informed by the needs of the college and community.

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