Years 3 and 4 Pre-medical and healthcare courses

Now is the time to take courses to tie up loose ends and do the detailed work needed to enter the professional school of your choice. Supplement your knowledge base and practice for admissions exams. Work toward your minor. Solidify volunteer experiences.

  • In your third year you may want to consider taking those “recommended” upper level courses that will provide foundational information useful in the admissions tests you will need to take for professional school. Courses such as biochemistry, cellular biology, genetics, physiology, or advance social and behavioral science courses will help to reinforce your understanding of primary material learned in your first two years.
  • This is also a good time to make significant progress toward obtaining a minor. A strong minor outside of the sciences speaks to an individual’s breadth of interests and will help set you apart from the crown.
  • Don’t forget those courses that you just want to take “for fun.” Pursue your interests!