Years 1 and 2 Pre-medical and healthcare courses

  • Some of the most critical course work you take and plans you make in preparation for entry into a medical or other healthcare professional school begins in the first two undergraduate years. During these years students should plan to successfully complete most of the fundamental course work required by professional schools.
  • Typically, courses include introductory/fundamental courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics; in mathematics and statistics; and in writing and oral communication.
  • If you can, it is recommended that at least introductory social science and psychology courses be successfully completed in these years.
  • These courses are the base knowledge underlying the content covered in standardized admissions exams. They also help you best appreciate which major best suits your talents and interests, and provide the foundation for more advanced courses that will be required to complete a major.
  • What you learn in these courses is as important as the grades you receive. Your understanding and ability to apply the subject matter will be assessed in your admissions exams.