Years 1 and 2 Volunteer/clinical work

Discuss volunteer and shadow activities with your pre-professional advisor. It is important to learn what types of activities are expected, or required, by the professional schools in which you are interested.

  • Volunteering or working at a clinic or other healthcare facility demonstrates to admissions committees your dedication to the field.
  • In many cases this type of activity is required, and may be required within a specific professional setting. You should consult your advisor to find out which professions or professional schools have such requirements.
  • Other schools may indicate that volunteering or working in a clinical setting is recommended, however, this usually means that most successful candidates will have such work in their background.
  • To clearly demonstrate dedication, this type of activity should be regular, and ideally, span as much time over your college career as possible.
  • In some cases the type of healthcare work is not specified. Some professions or individual schools require very specific types and hours of volunteer work or shadowing of a professional.
  • You should begin investigating opportunities to volunteer or work in your area, near Purdue Calumet, and beyond. Speak with your advisors!