Purdue University Calumet | College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science

Minor in Electrical and Computer Engineering

(17 Credits)

The Minor is open to all majors. It especially fits with students majoring in Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry who will have the required prerequisite courses. The minor will provide students with new tools and expertise that will open opportunities for innovation, and may enhance their career opportunities.

Core Courses (14 credits)

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
ECE 20100 Linear Circuit Analysis I 3
ECE 20700 Electronic Measurement Techniques 1
ECE 20200 Linear Circuit Analysis II 3
ECE 23300 Microcomputers in Engineering 3
ECE 27500 Analog and Digital Electronics 4

Elective Courses (3 credits) 

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
ECE 30100 Signals and Systems 3
ECE 31100 Electric and Magnetic Circuits 3
ECE 37000 Digital Systems – Logic Design 3

Other 300 level or above ECE course approved by the Engineering Undergraduate Committee: 3 credit hours

Required prerequisite courses: 

Grades of C- or above are required for all ECE courses as well as the prerequisite courses.

Questions? Please contact:

Edward S. Pierson