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Minor in Astrophysics

(24 credits)

Astrophysics is the application of physics to the whole universe. Using principles of energy, momentum, and forces, students learn how stars work, where the planets came from, and how the universe will end. Students will learn how telescopes are used to observe the night sky and computers model systems ranging from orbiting asteroids to colliding galaxies. 24 credit hours of physics and astronomy courses are required for the minor.

Required Courses: (24 credits)

Course Title
PHYS 15200 Mechanics
PHYS 25100

Heat, Electricity and Optics

(or PHYS 26100 and one credit hour of PHYS 27000)

PHYS 34200 Modern Physics
ASTR 36300 Intermediate Astronomy I
ASTR 36400

Intermediate Astronomy II


Freshman Advisor

Heather Drake
Gyte 171C

Faculty Advisors

Adam Rengstorf
Gyte 267

Shawn Slavin
Gyte 255