Giving Wish List

Support for laboratory facilities

Teaching engineering, science, and mathematics applications requires well-equipped and up-to-date laboratory facilities. Similarly, cutting-edge research also rests upon strong labs. In order to improve the quality of the lab facilities, the school is sponsoring an “adopt-a-laboratory” program. The annual cost associated with a particular lab varies, so interested donors are encouraged to discuss specific needs with both the School and the appropriate department.

Support for graduate and undergraduate students

The leaders of tomorrow in engineering, science, and mathematics are being trained today. To enroll the best from an academically strong and diverse potential student pool, the School must be able to offer not only competitive scholarships, but strong assistantships at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Support for faculty

The School’s quest for excellence will be led by the faculty we attract and retain. To bring the brightest scientists, engineers, and mathematicians to Purdue Calumet requires endowed professorships, research support, and support for travel to national and international conferences.

We appreciate your generosity in
Giving to the School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science