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Concentration in Mechatronics (ME)

Mechatronics is the application and integration of mechanical engineering, control theory, computer science and electronics to the design processes to create more functional and adaptable products.

To receive the Mechatronics concentration within the BSME program students will take ME 48500 (Linear Control Systems) instead of ME 46100 (Machine Design I) to satisfy the Mechanical Engineering Core requirements. The other required and elective courses within the Mechatronics concentration are used to fulfill the mechanical engineering electives (12 credit hrs.) and one engineering elective (3 credit hrs.)

The following required and elective courses are used to fulfill a concentration in Mechatronics 1.


Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
ECE 15200 Programming for Engineers 3
ECE 20200 Linear Circuit Analysis II 3
ECE 23300 Microcomputers in Engineering 3
ECE 38000 Computers in Engineering Analysis 3
ME 48500 Linear Control Systems 4

ELECTIVE2 – select 3 credit hours from amongst the following:

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
ECE 42600 Electric Drives 3
ECE 45100 Industrial Automation 3
ME 30600 General Thermodynamics II 3
ME 42600 Heating & Air Conditioning Analysis & Design 3
ME 40400 Introduction to Finite Element Analysis & Design 3
ME 48600 Introduction to Manufacturing Engineering 3
MSE 34400 Materials in Engineering 3

1 Students must apply for the concentration to have this concentration appear on the transcript.

2 Availability of some required or elective courses in a particular semester may change. Please consult your advisor or check the Mechanical Engineering Department website for current availability of elective courses.