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Concentration in Engineering Physics

The following courses are taken in the BS in Physics to receive a concentration in Engineering Physics1.


Replace CS12300 Programming 1: JAVA and CS12400 Programming 2: C++ in the Physics degree with:

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
ENGR 151003 Software Tools for Engineers 3
ECE 152004 Programming for Engineers 3

Used as Physics or EMS electives in the Physics degree.

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
ECE 20100 Linear Circuit Analysis 1 3
ECE 20200 Linear Circuit Analysis 2 3
ECE 23300 Micro Computers in Engineering 3
MSC 20000 Material Science 3
ECE 20700 Electronic Measurement Techniques 1
ECE 21800 Linear Circuits Lab 2 1
ECE 27500 Analog & Digital Electronics 4
ME 30500 General Thermodynamics 1 3

1 Students must apply for the concentration to have this concentration appear on the transcript.

2 Availability of some required or elective courses in a particular semester may change. Please consult your adviser or check the Chemistry and Physics Department website for current availability of elective courses.

Replaces CS 12300 – Programming 1: Java

Replaces CS 12400 – Programming 2: C++