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Concentration in Ecology

In addition to the core degree requirements, the following courses are taken in the BS in Biology to receive a concentration in Ecology1.


Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
BIOL 33300 Ecology 4

Choose one of the following

BIOL 31600 Basic Microbiology 4
BIOL 357003 Animal Physiology 4

BIOLOGY ELECTIVES2, 4 (Minimum 12 credit hours)

Choose from 30000 level or higher Biology courses (except BIOL 33000 Biostatistics); at least 9 of the 12 credits must be selected from the following list.

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
BIOL 30700 Plant Physiology 3
BIOL 34200 Biological Sciences Practicum (Ecology Related) 0~3
BIOL 40500 Conservation Biology  
BIOL 41200 Climate Change and the Environment  
BIOL 41300 Medical Microbiology Lab 2
BIOL 41400 Invasive Species Ecology 3
BIOL 48800 Biological Sciences Internship (Ecology Related) 0~3
BIOL 48900 Biological Sciences Research (Ecology Related) 0~3
BIOL 58000 Evolution  
BIOL 58700 Biogeography  
BIOL 58800 Plant Ecology  
BIOL 59100 Field Ecology  
BIOL 49500/59500 Special Assignments (Ecology Related) varies
  Examples in previous years included:  
  Animal Behavior 3
  Environmental Microbiology 3-4
  Ornithology 3
  Wetland Ecology 3
  Independent Study Related to Ecology 0~3

1 Students must apply for the concentration to have this concentration appear on the transcript.

2 Availability of some required or elective courses in a particular semester may change. Please consult your advisor or check the biology website for current availability of elective courses.

BIOL 35700 may be replaced by BIOL 21400 Human Anatomy and Physiology II. BIOL 21300 Human Anatomy and Physiology I, a prerequisite of BIOL 21400 can be used as a free elective.

4 Maximum 3 credits in independent research/studies, practicum/ internship can be used for Ecology elective requirement.