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Concentration in Biotechnology

In addition to the core requirements, the following courses are taken in the BS in Biology to receive a concentration in Biotechnology1.


Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
BIOL 31600 Basic Microbiology 4
BIOL 50800 Recombinant DNA Techniques 3

BIOLOGY ELECTIVES2, 3 (Minimum 14 credit hours chosen from amongst the following)

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
BIOL 35700 Biological Science Practicum (ExL) 4
BIOL 41800 Drugs and Diseases 3
BIOL 48800 Biological Sciences Internship (ExL) 0-3
BIOL 48900 Biological Sciences Research (ExL) 0-3
BIOL 49500 Special Assignments3 varies
BIOL 50700 Molecular Biology 3
BIOL 52500 Principles of Neurobiology 4
BIOL 53300 Medical Microbiology 3
BIOL 53400 Medical Microbiology Lab 2
BIOL 56100 Immunology 3
BIOL 56600 Developmental Biology 4
BIOL 59500 Special Assignments (Biotechnology Related) varies
  Examples in previous years included:  
  Advanced Cell Biology 3
  Advanced Immunology 3
  Bioinformatics 3
  Cell and Tissue Culture 3
  Environmental Microbiology 3-4
  Epigenetics 3
  Ethical Frontiers 3
  Food Microbiology 5
  Virology 3

1 Students must apply for the concentration to have this concentration appear on the transcript.

2 Availability of some required or elective courses in a particular semester may change. Please consult your advisor or check the biology website for current availability of elective courses. BIOL 33000 Biostatistics cannot be used as a Biology elective for this concentration.

3 Maximum 3 credits in independent research/studies, practicum/ internship can be used for biotechnology elective requirement.