Purdue University Calumet | College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science

Bachelor of Science – Physical Science

Specific Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Physical Science*

Physical Science Core (36 credits)
Course Credit Hours Title
BIOL 10100 4 Introduction to Biology 1
CHM 11500 4 General Chemistry 1
CHM 11600 4 General Chemistry 2
MA 163002 5 Calculus 1
MA 164002 5 Calculus 2
PHYS 152002 4 Mechanics
PHYS 251002 5 Heat, Electricity, & Optics
PHYS 40200/CHM 49800 1 Senior Research 1/Chemistry Research
PHYS 40300/CHM 49800 1 Senior Research 2/Chemistry Research
PHYS /CHM 19400 1 Freshman Experience
PHYS /CHM 29400 1 Sophomore Seminar
PHYS /CHM 49400 1 Junior/Senior Seminar

Additional Requirements

Chemistry / Physics / Mathematics Electives (9 Credits)

Choose from the following

EMS Electives (24 Credits)

Choose from the following:

Free Electives of General Education* requirements (51 Credits)

  1. All students must also meet the general education requirements of Purdue Calumet, some of which are met with the courses required by the major. The degree requires 120 credit hours.
  2. MA 22300, MA 22400, PHYS 22000, and PHYS 22100 also allowed. If these are chosen, Students must take additional credits in electives to meet the 120 credit hour requirement for the BS degree.

The necessary prerequisite courses required for admission to medical and healthcare professional schools can be met with this degree. Specific recommendations are made based on the discipline (medicine, dentistry, veterinary, optometry, podiatry, physician assistant, physical therapy, pharmacy, and occupational therapy). Our preprofessional advisors stay abreast of the specific requirements for professional schools in Indiana, Illinois, and other neighboring states. For more details, students are encouraged to follow this link.

Students may get their Physical Science degree along with a secondary education license to teach middle school or high school Chemistry or Physics. All of the courses required for a secondary education license will fulfill elective or general education requirements in the Physical Science degree. Students interested in the secondary education license option should follow this link.