Purdue University Calumet | College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science

Bachelor of Science- Mathematics

Specific Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics*

Mathematics Core (45 credits)
Course Credit Hrs Title
MA 10000 1 Introduction To Mathematical Sciences
MA 16300 5 Integrated Calculus & Analytic Geometry I
MA 16400 5 Integrated Calculus & Analytic Geometry II
MA 26100 4 Multivariate Calculus
MA 26400 3 Differential Equations
MA 26500 3 Linear Algebra
MA 31500 3 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics
MA 33000 3 Concepts in Geometry
MA 34800 3 Discrete Mathematics
MA 44600 3 Introduction to Real Analysis
MA 45300 3 Elements of Algebra
MA 47200 3 Introduction to Applied Mathematics
CS 20600 3 Computer Algebra and Programming
STAT 34500 3 Statistics

Restricted Selection Requirements

Additional Requirements

English & Communications Core (9 credits)
Course Credit Hrs Title
COM 11400 3 Fundamentals of Speech Communication
ENGL 10400 3 English Composition I
ENGL 10500 3 English Composition II

Free Elective or General Education* requirements (36-39 Credits)

*All students must also meet the general education requirements of Purdue Calumet, some of which are met with the courses required by the major.

Students may also elect to concentrate their study in Mathematics Teaching for secondary education by integrating specific education courses into their BS in Mathematics curriculum.