Purdue University Calumet | College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science

Bachelor of Science – Chemistry

Specific Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry*

Chemistry Core (47 credits)
Course Credit Hours Title
NUCL 3 Nuclear Interaction
NUCL 3 Nuclear Power

Additional Requirements

Physics (9 credits)
Course Credit Hours Title
PHYS 15200 4 Mechanics
PHYS 25100 5 Heat, Electricity, and Optics
Mathematics (14 credits)
Course Credit Hours Title
MA 16300 5 Calculus 1
MA 16400 5 Calculus 2
MA 26100 4 Multivariate Calculus

Free Electives or General Education* Requirements (50 Credits)

*All students must also meet the general education requirements of Purdue Calumet, some of which are met with the courses required by the major. The degree requires 120 credit hours.

Students may get their Chemistry degree along with a secondary education license to teach middle school or high school chemistry. Most of the courses required for a secondary education license will fulfill elective or general education requirements in the Physics degree. Students interested in this secondary education license option should follow this link.