Purdue University Calumet | College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science

Bachelor of Science – Biology

Specific Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Biology*

Core Requirements (18 credits)
Course Credit Hours Title
BIOL 10100 4 Introductory Biology (1)
BIOL 10200 4 Introductory Biology (2)
BIOL 10700 1 Freshman Experience in Biological Sciences
BIOL 24300 4 Introductory Cell Biology
BIOL 24400 3 Genetics
BIOL 24401 1 Genetics Laboratory
BIOL 42600 1 Senior Capstone

Students must complete at least 20 additional credits of biology courses (excluding BIOL 33000 Biostatistics) which include concentration required and elective biology courses. In order to graduate, students must follow one of the 5 concentration plans (below).

Additional Requirements

Chemistry (19 credit hours)
Course Credit Hours Title
CHM 11500 4 Gen Chemistry (1)
CHM 11600 4 Gen Chemistry (2)
CHM 25500 3 Organic Chemistry (1)
CHM 25501 1 Organic Chemistry (1) Lab
CHM 25600 3 Organic Chemistry (2)
CHM 25601 1 Organic Chemistry (2) Lab

Choose one of the following2

Physics (8 credit hours)
Course Credit Hours Title
PHYS 22000 4 General Physics I
PHYS 22100 4 General Physics II
Mathematics (6 credit hours)
Course Credit Hours Title
MA 16031 3 Introductory Analysis I (Calculus I)
MA 16032 3 Introductory Analysis II (Calculus II)
Statistics (3 credit hours) Choose one of the following courses in statistics:
Course Credit Hours Title
STAT 33001 3 Biostatistics
STAT 30100 3 Elementary Statistical Methods I

Humanities & Social Sciences electives (15 credit hours): 9 Credit hours additional to General Education requirements (6 credit hours); up to 6 credits of Foreign Languages may be used to fulfill this requirement.

Free Electives or General Education1 requirements (up to 31 Credits)

1All students must also meet the general education requirements of Purdue Calumet, some of which are met with the courses required by the major. The degree requires 120 credit hours.

2 Environmental Chemistry is an option for students in the Ecology concentration. All other students should take Principles of Biochemistry.

To earn a BS in Biology and Purdue Calumet students must choose a concentration (specialization) by taking specific courses related to a theme. Concentrations in Biology include:

Students may get their Biology degree along with a secondary education license to teach middle school or high school biology (life sciences). Most of the courses required for a secondary education license will fulfill elective requirements in the Biology degree. Students interested in this option should follow this link.