Utility Interruption

Immediately call Facilities Services at ext. 2285.  Be prepared to give:  Location including floor and room number, nature of problem, person to contact and telephone number.

Electrical Failure

Proceed to the nearest exit and wait for further instructions from the Purdue Calumet Alert Public Address System, university official or university police.

Elevator Failure

If you are trapped in an elevator, activate the elevator alarm and/or emergency telephone. Remain calm and help will arrive shortly. NEVER ATTEMPT TO EXIT AN ELEVATOR STOPPED BETWEEN FLOORS.

If you hear someone trapped in an elevator or hear an elevator alarm, reassure the passengers that you will call for help. Tell the passengers not to try and leave the elevator. Call 911 (mobile device) or 9-911 (campus phone).

Flooding or Plumbing Failure

Notify Facilities Services at ext. 2285. Do not touch energized electrical appliances while you are standing in an area filled with water.

Gas Leak

Leave the area. Immediately call 911 (mobile device) or 9-911 (campus phone).  Notify University Facilities Services at ext. 2285.  Be prepared to give location, room, type of gas (if known) and location of leak (if known). If evacuation is necessary, this will be done by Purdue Calumet ALERT Public Address System.