Snow and Ice Storm Emergency

The decision to interrupt normal campus operations means either of the following conditions is in effect:

Classes are Canceled

This means that ALL classes scheduled to meet that particular day at on- and off-campus sites are canceled, but all university offices, departments, and services remain open.


The University is Closed

When the university is in the process of closing (campus notification issued), is closed, or is in the process of reopening; only functions deemed essential (critical) to university operations would take place until further notice is given.  Accordingly, essential personnel (pre-designated by department heads as accountable for essential (critical) functions) may be required to stay on campus or may be called to campus to perform essential functions.  The university is considered closed to all persons except those pre-designated necessary to perform essential functions.  Consequently, all persons not pre-designated are required to leave Campus and should not return until normal campus operations are resumed.  This requirement is necessary to provide for the appropriate safety and security of the campus community and facilitate the return of the campus to open status. 

So that all faculty, staff, students affected by either of the above conditions can receive information promptly and accurately, official notification will be communicated via one or more of the following Purdue Calumet ALERT Notifications:

Purdue Calumet ALERT Notifications

1.  Internet – Purdue University Calumet Website

2. Public Address System – This system is one of the means to provide a “first” notification to the campus that classes are canceled or the university is in the process of closing.

3.  Local Media – The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Marketing & Communications serves as the official University spokesperson and will disseminate messages to the following media:

Radio/TV – WGN (720 am), WBBM (780 am), WAKE (1500 am and 105.5 fm – Valparaiso),     WEFM (95.9 fm – Michigan City), WIMS (1420 am – Michigan City), WJOB (1230 am – Hammond), WLOI (1540 am – LaPorte), WZVN (107 fm – Valparaiso), WLTH (1270 am – Gary), NW Indiana Lake Shore Public Radio (89.1 fm – Merrillville), ABC-TV/Channel 7,      CBS-TV/Channel 2, CLTV News, Fox-TV/Channel 32, NBC-TV/Channel 5, WGN-TV/Channel 9, NW Indiana Lake Shore Public Television/Channel 56.

4.  Text Message – those that subscribe to text messaging will receive a brief text message via their cell phone. Note:  To subscribe to text messaging, go to

5.  Automated Calling System – This system delivers recorded messages to regular faculty and staff and contract operations’ employees via phone numbers on file with the Telecommunications office.  Calls are made to  either home/cell or department numbers, depending on when the decision to alter normal campus operations is made.  Note:  If you have a block filter on your phone that prevents calls being received by Purdue University Calumet or Purdue University Calumet from being identified, and wish to receive the message(s), we encourage you to list your cell phone number as your primary contact number for this purpose.  Contact the Telecommunication office via the Customer Service Center at 989-2888, option 2 to add/change your preferred contact number.

6.  E-mail – Outlook email distribution can be used to deliver messages electronically and instantly to all faculty and staff with a email address. 

7.  Building Deputy – Building deputies may be asked by University Police and/or Campus Administration to assist in the notification process, communicate and manage a “shelter in place” directive, evacuate a building and/or campus, secure a building and/or campus, and return a building and/or the campus to normal operations.

9.  Purdue University Calumet Information Center– Incoming calls to 989-2993 or 989-2400 are received by a pre-recorded voice mail message to provide current information.

Notification to resume normal campus operations will be made via one or more of the above communication channels. 

NOTE:  the media, radio and television stations typically do not announce  resumption of activities/operations.