Hazardous Material Emergency

In the event of a hazardous chemical, biological, and/or radioactive release:

  1. Evacuate the area immediately.
  2. Call 911 (mobile device) or 9-911 (campus phone).Be prepared to give the following information:
    • Building
    • Floor
    • Room number
    • Type of incident
    • Chemical(s), biological substance or radioactive material involved
    • Estimated volume of material involved
  3. If advised, evacuate the building to a safe distance and leave a clear access for emergency personnel. Do not return to the building until instructed to do so by university representative or university police.
  4. If you come into physical contact with the material, remove any contaminated clothing immediately and flush all areas of body contact with copious amounts of water.
  5. University Police will notify Hammond Fire Department and Purdue Radiological Environmental Management Department for assistance.