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Student teachers celebrate in Fall 2012

Please contact the Coordinator of Field Experiences, Kristen McChesney, with your questions about student teaching placement:

Kristen McChesney
Coordinator of Field Experiences

Admission to Student Teaching

Admission to methods courses does not insure admission to the Professional Semester. The Department of Teacher Preparation Office (X-138) will review each candidate’s progress the semester before student teaching. The candidate must have met the academic standards, established by the Teacher Education Unit, in order to be admitted to the professional semester and student teaching. To be approved for admission to the professional semester, the candidate must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be enrolled at Purdue University Calumet in good standing.
  2. Have completed a minimum of 90 semester hours of course work.
  3. Have maintained a minimum grade index of 3.0 with no grade lower than a C in Education courses.
  4. Have maintained a 3.0 GPA.
  5. Have completed no more than two Education courses with a grade of C ( No Ds or Fs).
  6. Have repeated no more than two courses, one time each since being admitted to the School of Education as an Elementary Education Major.
  7. Have an Expanded Criminal History Report on file that is less than six months old.
  8. Have proof of current professional liability coverage through PUC.

Your student teaching orientation will take place on the Friday of Finals Wek of the semester BEFORE you will student teach. You will receive notice of important dates for student teachers via your PUC email account. During the student teaching semester, you will also receive information on the following:

Student Teaching Requirements for Visiting Student Teachers

Effective FALL 2012

Student teacher candidates who visit our campus from another accredited institution are, at minimum, expected to meet the same criteria as PUC teacher candidates.  The following is a proposed list of those requirements:

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • 3.0 GPA in education courses
  • Appropriate content GPA for Secondary candidates
  • After completing first education course, students can have no more than 2 repeats and 4 withdrawals. Students who fall outside of this policy should appeal to the Faculty Appeals Committee.
  • Passing Praxis I and II exams or comparable state testing requirement
  • Beginning January 1, 2013 teacher candidates will no longer be using Praxis I to meet the Indiana basic skills competency requirement. As a result, Praxis I tests must be completed no later than December 31, 2012. Starting January 1, 2013, candidates who have not passed Praxis I or one of the basic skills alternatives will be required to complete the Pearson Indiana CORE Academic Skills Assessment (CASA).
  • OPI exam taken for Foreign Language candidates
  • Current Expanded Criminal History report
  • Appropriate dispositions report
  • Must purchase TaskStream account
  • All other coursework completed
  • 2 letters of recommendation
    • One letter from methods instructor
    • One letter from field/cooperating teacher

Long Distance or Out of State Placements

The Teacher Preparation office will consider long-distance and out-of-state placements for the professional semester. If you are interested in such a placement, the teacher candidate is required to meet with the Coordinator of Field Experiences before submitting the completed student teacher application.


Please download the complete policy and form (DOC) for more information.

Educational Placement Files and Letters of Recommendation

Early in your student teaching semester, you may wish to contact the Career Services Office in C-349 for information about this process.

Licensing Requirements

As you complete student teaching, the Licensing Advisor will explain teacher licensing application procedures and distribute applications at the final Student Teacher Workshops.

Showcase Portfolio

The portfolio you will be completing while at Purdue University Calumet is considered a developmental portfolio. A developmental portfolio is one that is constantly changing as you “develop” into a teacher professional. A Showcase Portfolio is considered the best of the work you completed while in a teacher education program. We will supply tips related to how to show your best work and still address the meeting of standards.

Termination of Assignment

Please be aware that the Coordinator of Field Experiences (CFE) with the approval of the Head of the Department of Teacher Preparation (DTP) has the discretion and right to terminate a teacher candidate’s student teaching assignment at any time. The DTP head or CFE must be informed immediately of any probable cause to discontinue the placement. The host school, including the cooperating teacher, should submit documentation and meet with CFE to discuss issues with teacher candidates. Students removed from student teaching for dispositional or performance reasons will be required to meet with the Head of the Department of Teacher Preparation, Coordinator of Field Experiences, University Supervisor, and if appropriate, their Cooperating Teacher within one week of termination. Any teacher candidate who has been involuntarily removed from their placement must attend an exit interview within one week of the termination. Grades of PI (passing incomplete) or N (not passing) will be issued to the teacher candidate depending on the circumstance of their removal. A grade of “PI” will only be given if the work was passing at the time of termination. Additional disciplinary action such as an unacceptable disposition or removal from the program may also occur.

Interruption of Professional Experience

In keeping with university policy in the event that a candidate’s professional semester is interrupted due to a documented extreme unavoidable absence (i.e. illness, death in the family, etc.) or other causes beyond the teacher candidate’s control, he or she will receive a letter grade of “I” if the work was passing at the time it was interrupted and the completion of which does not require the student to repeat the course in order to obtain credit. The incomplete grade is not to be used as a substitute for a failing grade. According to university policy, a teacher candidate may voluntarily withdraw from the professional semester. Should the teacher candidate wish to repeat the professional semester, he must submit a letter in writing to the CFE. The teacher candidate may be required to wait one academic year before completing the professional semester, complete a remediation plan, or be denied the opportunity to complete student teaching.

Non-Passing Grade (N)

Any teacher candidate who completes the professional semester but receives a non-passing grade for the semester is ineligible to apply for the State of Indiana teaching license. Should the teacher candidate wish to repeat the professional semester, he or she must submit a letter in writing to the CFE. The letter must identify areas of deficiencies as well as a plan to remediate those deficiencies. The CFE and the DTP head will determine if the teacher candidate will be allowed to resume student teaching.

Student Appeals Committee

After one academic semester the teacher candidate may appeal any decisions made by the CFE or the DTP head with the Student Appeals Committee (SAC). The SAC is comprised of two tenured faculty members and one non-tenured faculty member. The appeals committee will determine if the teacher candidate will be allowed to resume student teaching. The decision of the appeals committee is final. A teacher candidate may repeat his or her professional semester only one time. The teacher candidate will be responsible for all fees associated with completing his or her professional semester.

Student Teaching Information:For all students

Application Deadlines:

  • FALL placement application due first Friday of November of the previous fall semester
  • SPRING Placement application due the first Friday of April of the preceding spring semester

*Daily Class Schedule Form (DOC)

*APA Style Writing Template (DOC)

* Delivery of Services Model for Special Services’ Response to Intervention for All Student Success (PDF)

*Lesson Plan Template (Word DOC)

*TC Attendance Record (Excel XLSX)

Forms – Elementary Education

Student Teaching applications with completion in Taskstrem will not be accepted past the deadline. If a student turns in an application after the deadline, they will not be considered for student teaching until the following semester.

If a student teacher submits an application and is not eligible for the student teaching semester, the S.T. Fee will not be reimbursed. The S.T. Fee will be applied to the professional semester upon resubmission of their application provided the application is submitted within one academic year.

*Admission Requirements

Forms – Secondary Education

*Admission Requirements

Complete Student Teaching Handbooks

All handbooks are downloadable, searchable, and printable as Adobe PDF files.

Student Teaching TaskStream Portfolio Handbooks