Secondary Education Licensure Programs

The Secondary Education program is designed for those interested in teaching in Middle Schools or High Schools. The program is similar to the Elementary program in several ways, even sharing some foundational coursework. But there are important differences. Secondary students are involved in major coursework in two areas: the School of Education program and the program of study in a major subject area. Please notice that your education course sequence begins in the second semester. All teacher education courses are developmental, and so too are many courses in your major area (mathematics coursework builds from simple operations and to more complexity; history builds from general to specific themes etc.) You will gain knowledge and then be expected to perform based on that knowledge. You cannot take a course in the next semester’s sequence until you have satisfactorily completed courses in the preceding semester. No exceptions will be considered. This is important to keep in mind as you schedule your courses in Education and your major area.

Teaching young adults to become creative, intelligent, and productive individuals today is a challenging and rewarding profession. Done well, it provides a foundation for lifelong learning and knowledge for millions of adolescents – a spark that will burn brightly for a lifetime.

Purdue University Calumet’s School of Education offers a degree in Secondary Education within several different major areas that is the formal result of your program of study. With a Secondary Teaching degree you will able able to take the qualifying exam and receive a license to teach in Indiana or other cooperating states.


The School of Education and partner content area departments offer a program of coursework designed to provide you with research-based pedagogical knowledge and practical ability.


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