DTP Program Policies and Forms


All candidates must be aware of their rights and responsibilities as per the DTP Dispositions Policy (Adobe PDF). The Dispositional Assessment rubric is available as an Adobe PDF here or in TaskStream.

DTP Student Appeals Info and Form rev Apr 2015: In the event that you are denied admission to methods courses or the Professional semester and if you think you have special circumstances that have prevented completion of all the requirements, you may file an appeal.

Complete this form, FERPA Release Appeals Committee, to grant permission to the Faculty Appeals Committee to review grades and GPA when addressing your appeal.

Suggestions for Improvement: This document explains the complaint policy of the School of Education, including the proper channels to use for voicing concerns

Student Complaint Form: Fill out this form and return to Rhonda LanFear via rhonda.lanfear@purduecal.edu or in person at the ANNX-138 office regarding student complaints or concerns as outlined in the policy above.

After completing first education course, students can have no more than 2 repeats and 4 withdrawals. Students who fall outside of this policy should appeal to the Faculty Appeals Committee.

Field experiences, including student teaching, will adhere to the policies found in the Field Placement Procedures section of this website.

The Teacher Preparation office will consider long-distance and out-of-state placements for the professional semester. If you are interested in such a placement, the teacher candidate is required to meet with the Coordinator of Field Experiences before submitting the completed student teacher application. Please download the complete policy and form (Adobe PDF) for more information.

In order for teacher candidates to appeal to the department for a single license,  download the Single License Request Policy for more information.