Education Resource Center (ERC)


Location: ANNX-127


Monday 8:30-5:30
Tuesday 8:30-5:30
Wednesday 8:30-4:30
Thursday 8:30-5:30
Friday 10:00-12:00


Shelly Kolopanis

What is the LRC?

A children’s literature library and instructional technology resource center provided for all undergraduate and graduate education students to explore and evaluate children’s literature, subscribe to services to help them grow their own libraries at home, and check out an array of instructional technologies available to them for enrichment and for completing class projects.

What’s offered?

Library Resources

  • Children’s literature in a variety of genres including: modern fantasy, traditional fantasy, realistic fiction, historical fiction, biography, informational, poetry, and multicultural
  • Leveled books
  • Teacher resource books
  • Big books
  • Puppets
  • Books on tape
  • Author packs
  • Multiple copy book sets
  • Chapter books for middle school
  • Monthly Scholastic book order forms – an economical way to grow your own library
  • Project supplies including a laminating machine, paper cutter, markers, crayons, large rolls of colored paper, and more.

Technology Resources

  • Apple iPads
  • Apple Laptops
  • SMART Board
  • Flip video cameras
  • Advanced digital video cameras, tripods, and other video equipment for filming
  • iPEVO pocket document cameras

Most items can be checked out for up to 2 weeks, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.