Field Placement Procedures

Effective Spring Term 2012

School Site Placements for Field Courses

The Field Coordinator will make placements for all courses requiring field hours. If faculty members are interested in particular placement sites, please contact the coordinator and make this known. In the event that the faculty member makes the initial contact with the desired school site, please notify the Field Coordinator and provide contact information so that the formal placement process can begin.

Important Note: If the course is located in a methods block, please contact the other methods instructor to coordinate the timing of when the courses will begin in the field. This is very important since teacher candidates need to be placed at schools within close proximity of one another to accommodate travel between school sites.

In order to better arrange the placement of teacher candidates, please email the information listed below to the Field Coordinator. This information must be submitted by Week 10 of the semester preceding the start of the field course for which placement is being sought:

  1. The name of the school site and contact person

  2. Approximate number of students to be placed

  3. A description of requirements students must fulfill at the field placement in the form of a brief paragraph

  4. A description of host teachers’ responsibilities

  5. The dates and times that students are required to be in the field

Important Note: Due to the need to verify criminal history reports, please do not plan for students to enter the field during the first week of the semester.

Liability Insurance

All teacher candidates enrolled in courses involving field experience will receive professional liability insurance through Purdue University Calumet.

Criminal History Report Verification

Expanded Criminal Background Checks are required for all students completing field hours. In Spring 2011, the Field Coordinator informed the department that the newly required expanded reports would be active for three years, with the exception of the student teaching semester. Teacher candidates entering student teaching are required to complete an updated Expanded Criminal History Report even if they have an active report on file. There is no exception to this requirement.

Timeliness of Criminal History Reports Verification

The Field Coordinator will audit teacher candidates’ files for active criminal history reports prior to the end of the semester preceding courses for which field hours are required. Faculty will be provided with a list indicating teacher candidates’ criminal history report verification status. The Field Coordinator will make every effort to clear teacher candidates matriculating through the program as planned during finals week of the preceding semester. However, students who are returning to the program may enroll in a course requiring field hours and have to complete updated criminal history reports. Delaying entrance into the field beyond the first week of the semester will allow these candidates the time needed to complete this requirement.

Restrictions on Teacher Candidates without Criminal History Report Verification

If students are taken to a school site prior to clearing the criminal history report verification, it should be for orientation purposes only. They can meet with the teachers and/or principals, but this will be the extent of their interactions in the school. They must not be permitted to enter classrooms or interact with students.

Notification of Field Placement

When field placements are complete, the Field Coordinator will contact the method instructors and provide the name of the host teachers with whom teacher candidates are placed, as well as the host teachers’ contact information.

The Field Coordinator will notify teacher candidates of the school placement site, field schedule, and criminal history report verification status during finals week of the semester preceding the start of field courses. Providing teacher candidates with this information will enable to them to plan their schedules for the following semester.

Corporal Punishment

Purdue University Calumet’s teacher candidates are not allowed to administer corporal punishment nor can they serve as a witness if someone else administers corporal punishment.  There are no exceptions!