Elementary Education / Special Needs Dual Licensure Program

The Elementary Education / Special Needs dual license program is designed to provide you with an understanding of the teaching methods, practices and challenges found in elementary classrooms. You will build skills in teaching while you develop an understanding of development theories, best practices and the newest research in the field. Courses are offered in a sequence that you will follow through a series of stages. You must follow this sequence as you prepare your plan of study and as you advance through the Teacher Education Program. All teacher education program courses are developmental, meaning that much of what you learn in one sequence of courses will be used in the next sequence of courses. You will gain knowledge and then be expected to perform based on that knowledge. Although you can take the education courses one by one, you cannot take a course in the next semester’s sequence until you have satisfactorily completed courses in the preceding semester. No exceptions will be considered. This is important to keep in mind as you schedule your courses, especially if you must maintain full-time student status– 12 credit hours — to quality for financial aid and other programs.

Teaching young children is perhaps the most important and challenging profession in society today. Done well, it provides a foundation for lifelong learning, creativity, and knowledge for millions of children that will become successful, intellectually motivated adults. It can create a spark that will burn brightly for a lifetime.

The Department of Teacher Preparation offers a degree in Elementary Education / Special Needs that is the formal result of your program of study. With an Elementary Teaching / Special Needs degree you will be able able to take the qualifying exam and receive a license to teach in Indiana or other cooperating states.


The School of Education offers a program of coursework designed to provide you with research-based pedagogical knowledge and practical ability.


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