Admission and Application Process

 What Are the Requirements for Admission to the Program?

The program is open to current teachers and others with a bachelor’s degree and experience or interest in working with youngsters with special needs. To be considered for admission to the Graduate School you must also:

  1. Possess a B average in previous related coursework (candidates with a 2.7-2.99 may be admitted on a probationary status);
  2. Provide three letters of recommendation from appropriate sources including professors familiar with the candidate’s work or people in a supervisory role such as administrators, program coordinators, mentor teachers, and supervising teachers (peers, colleagues and friends are not appropriate sources);
  3. Provide a written statement addressing reasons for pursuing graduate studies (which serves to reflect dispositions and as a writing sample) and sign the Graduate Studies in Education Department (GSE) dispositional policy;
  4. Be currently employed in an education setting or have access to K-12 students in an education setting.
  5. Complete an interview (face-to-face or by Skype) with the Program Chair. 

What Are the Deadlines for Applying?

We are in the process of opening admission for a new online program with a projected start date of Fall, 2014.  Check back later for deadlines or contact the program advisor.