Indiana Educator Licensing FAQ

Transition to Teach

Transition to Teach (T2T) programs are designed for career changers who have previously completed bachelor’s degrees in content majors related to a secondary teaching field, such as English or mathematics. The program’s purpose is to provide training to career changers in a shorter span of time than a traditional program typically takes. These programs are most appropriate for those who already have a foundation of experiences in a P-12 or similar educational setting.   They focus on the last four semesters of a professional education program, primarily on teaching methodology and student teaching.  Each program consists of 18 credit hours of professional coursework.

In accordance with the Indiana Professional Standards Board rules, Purdue University Calumet offers several Transition to Teach (T2T) programs.  Purdue University Calumet participates in a consortium with other area universities so that all programs offered collectively by those institutions have a transition to teach component.  Purdue University Calumet offers Secondary programs in Mathematics, Life Science (Biology), Physical Science (Chemistry and Physics), Chemistry, Physics, English, Spanish, and French.  Other consortium universities, specifically Indiana University Northwest and Valparaiso University, offer the Transition to Teach Program for Elementary Education and Secondary Social Studies.

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*Please contact Rhonda Lanfear at 219-989-2360 to schedule an appointment to discuss our Transition to Teach Program.

Alternative Licensure

If you already have an undergraduate degree and are interested in becoming
a teacher, you may qualify for one of our two alternative licensure
routes: (1) the Transition to Teach program or the Licensure Only option.
Please complete the following surveys to learn the options for which you

Transition to Teach Qualification Survey:

Licensure Only Qualification Survey:

*Please contact Rhonda Lanfear at 219-989-2360 to schedule an appointment to discuss our Alternative Licensure Program.

Note: Alternative licensure requires at least 2 years to complete Education courses

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