License Renewal Courses – How to Apply

Registration for Online (Independent Study) Courses:

  1. Go to the following website and fill out the online application:
    Complete this soon to ensure admittance for the semester in which you want to take a course.
  2. The above link will help you apply as a “NON-Degree – Post-Baccalaureate” student for the Purdue Calumet Campus. DO NOT select “Extension” or “Continuing Education” on your application. For your school/department, choose Education, Curriculum, and Instruction (EDCI).
  3. Send/bring/fax a copy of bachelor’s transcript or teacher’s license to the PUC office and indicate you are completing the application for an EDCI 58900/59000 course.  Our fax number is (219) 989-3215.
  4. When active in the system, Liz Kubacki ( will register you for the course based upon the information on the registration card. If at any point you are unable to submit the application or have additional questions, call Liz Kubacki in the Purdue Calumet graduate office at (219) 989-2335.
  5. Tuition: Students will pay $864.60 for a 3-hour class, $576.40 for a two-hour class, and $288.20 for a 1-hour class.
    All checks are made payable to Purdue University Calumet.

Registration for Courses

If you have never taken classes at PUC before, you will NOT be able to register via the Internet as noted below. Also, in some cases, there are stops on courses that prevent any student from self-registering. In either case, an advisor must register you, so contact them via email, phone, or in person.

Online Registration: Purdue Calumet has an online student information and registration system known as PCStar. This can be accessed through any web browser with your student identification number (PUID), received with your application materials upon successful admission or obtainable from the Graduate Office secretary) and your six digit birthdate. To access PCStar, please go to the following website: The link to PCStar can also be found throughout the Purdue Calumet site at If you encounter trouble with logging on or with registration for courses, please contact Liz Kubacki in the Graduate Studies Office at 989-2335. However, again, it is important to note that if you have NEVER registered for a course at Purdue Calumet before, you will NOT be able to self-register through PCStar.