Applying to a Graduate Program

  • Contact the advisor for your chosen subject area and make an appointment to discuss your interest in the program. Please see any of the bold program links to the left to find out about advisors and contact information.
  • Go to the following website and fill out the online application: When filling out the online application, please keep in mind that paying by check could hold up your application between 2-3 weeks.
    Note that it may be to your advantage to apply for temporary (post-baccalaureate) status before applying as a degree-seeking student. Speak with your advisor about these options.
  • Please submit the following documents to Graduate Studies in Education, ANNX-142, Purdue University Calumet, 2200 169th Street, Hammond IN 46323-2094:
    1. two copies of transcripts from every university/college attended to date (the request form says only one copy, so please change it on the form before sending it to your universities/colleges).  Download the transcript request form(s) at
    2. three completed recommendation forms (appropriate sources include professors familiar with your work or people in a supervisory role, such as administrators, program coordinators, mentor teachers, and supervising teachers).  Please do not provide us with a recommendation form from your “friend, the teacher down the hall.” Peers, colleagues, and friends are not appropriate sources.  Download the recommendation forms at
    3. 1-2 page written statement on why you are pursuing the license and/or degree.  This is not a form; it should appear double-spaced on 8 ½ X 11 sheet(s) of paper.
  • You should contact the GSE office (Gyte Annex X-142, 989-2433 – Liz Kubacki) to find out if there are any additional supplemental materials (such as for Counseling- see below) you may need to complete for your application.
  • You will need to make an appointment of an hour’s length with the appropriate advisor for an interview and short writing exercise.
    (Note: For special education, the advisor will contact the candidate for an interview when all application materials have been received. No writing excercise is required.)
  • The transcripts, the letters of recommendation, and any supplemental materials are to be submitted to the GSE office. All of these items must be in the office before admissions can be completed. All forms may be obtained in paper format in the GSE office for those having difficulty with computer access.
  • Once your admission responsibilities are complete, we will take care of the rest and you will receive an official letter welcoming you into your program.
  • For applicants who do not meet the minimum required scores on the TOEFL, IELTS, or Pearson Test of English, Purdue University Calumet offers an English Language Program to acquire proficiency in English: more information on this program can be found at

Note: If computer access is a problem, all forms are available from the Graduate Studies in Education office (Gyte Annex 142).

Special note for Administration program applicants:

You will need to fill out the “Administration Goal Statement”, which contains the following supplemental questions. Please answer these questions in place of the Statement of Purpose on the online application.

Please provide the following:

  1. Full Legal Name
  2. Current Mailing Address
  3. Home Phone Number
  4. School Business Phone Number
  5. E-mail Address
  6. Current Employer and Position
  7. Social Security Number

Please describe the main factors that prompted you to pursue a Master’s degree in Educational Administration.


Special note for Counseling program applicants:

You will need to fill out the “Counseling and Development Supplement” which is available at the GSE office or from this link: Counseling Application Supplement.

After this is completed, submit all paperwork to the same office no later than the second Monday in February if you are applying for the School Counseling Program. Applications and materials may be submitted at any time for admission to the Mental Health Counseling Program. You will need to contact the GSE office (Gyte Annex X-142, 989-2433 – Liz Kubacki) to find out if there are any additional supplemental materials you will need to complete for your application.

Candidates who meet the qualifications will be invited in for a group and individual interview before transcripts, letters of recommendations, and other paperwork is submitted to the GSE office for final admissions.