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Northern Indiana’s 41-mile Lake Michigan waterfront – the Calumet Region- is one of the world’s great industrial centers. It is home to thousands of students and teachers in hundreds of schools all working to educate and inform. Purdue Calumet plays a key part in educating the teachers in your community and throughout the region.

Purdue Calumet is located in Hammond , only a short drive from the Dunes and Chicago.

Our Schools

Indiana SAT scores continue a ten-year upward trend this year exceeding 1,000 for the first time. Over the past ten years, Indiana students’ SAT scores increased 30 points although 60 percent of students now take the test. ACT scores on the college admissions test beat national averages for an 11th year, with Indiana seniors averaging 21.4, compared to the national average of 20.0.

In nationwide NAEP mathematics testing, Indiana fourth graders recorded the second highest scale score, only one point below the highest in the country, and eighth graders recorded the fourth highest score.

In international TIMSS testing in math and science, 69 percent of Indiana eighth graders scored higher than the international median in math and 72 percent scored higher than the international median in science. They ranked third in both subjects among the 13 participating states.

An increasing number of students is expected to enroll this year in Indiana’s public schools. When enrollment tallies are completed at the end of September, our projections for all grade levels indicate the state will have 991,131 students, up by 2,440 from 2000-2001. Projections are based on birth and mobility data, and indicate that enrollment statewide will continue rising at least until 2006-2007 when it peaks at 1,010,000.

Indiana Kindergarten classes this fall will enroll more than 70,819 students.

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