Chinese Executive Leadership Program

Chinese Executive Leadership Program Booklet

The Center for Entrepreneurship Success at Purdue University Calumet developed the Chinese Executive Leadership Program to help high level executives and government officials attain world-class training from a world-class university.

As certified by the Chinese State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, Purdue University Calumet stands ready to customize any training and educational program. From accounting and auditing to company succession (the transfer and integration of a company from one family member to the next), we can tailor a program to meet all your needs.

I hope that you will consider Purdue University Calumet for all your training needs. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to further discuss a training program that best fits your organization.

Best regards and wishes,

Dushan Nikolovski,

Director, Center for Entrepreneurship Success

Dushan Nikolovski business card in Chinese, with contact information for Purdue University calumet