Student Clubs

IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

The purpose of the IEEE club is to provide its members with a wide range of information pertaining to the fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
For more information please contact: Gabriel Chaddock, President at:

SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)

The Society of Automotive Engineers wants you! SAE is not just about engineering and manufacturing, it’s an adventure for all PUC students. A cross-functional team of students get together to lead, plan, and implement solutions to problems that face the selected project. For example, on June 1-3 of 2001, six students participated in the SAE Midwest Mini-Baja Race. The purpose of this race is to have the student team design, promote, obtain sponsors, build, develop production and cost analysis reports, and place into competition a prototype off-road vehicle.

SWE (Society of Women Engineers)

The purpose of this organization is to inform young women, their parents, counselors, and the general public of the qualifications and achievements of women in engineering and the opportunities available to them.

NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers)

NSBE develops intensive programs for increasing the participation of Blacks and other unrepresented groups in the field of engineering and the engineering technologies. Members attend national and regional conferences, retreats and workshops. Membership provides opportunity for scholarships, awards, and career and academic counseling and mentoring.

SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers)
The purpose of SHPE is to provide a professional atmosphere that will cater to the needs of Hispanics and other minority groups who attend Purdue Calumet. SHPE works to increase the number of Hispanic students in the engineering disciplines and improve the retention of those students to fulfill their career goals at both the high school and college levels.

SHPE promotes the advance of Hispanic engineers, technologists, and scientists in education and employment by developing relationships with industry professionals and attending national and regional conferences.

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