Self Help

If you are thinking of harming yourself or others please contact  Purdue University Calumet Police immediately at extension 2911 (or if calling from a non-campus phone 219-989-2911).

If you are not thinking of harming yourself or others and would like some further information/resources we have listed some below. Please also utilize the Resource tab for additional resources.

University Resources

The Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is a comprehensive service established to serve the Purdue University Calumet campus community. The Counseling Center’s mission is to encourage, support, and assist students in their educational pursuit by providing a broad range of psychological counseling and educational services to deal with personal, interpersonal, vocational, and academic issues. Counseling services are provided by licensed mental health professionals and are confidential, as protected by law.

Location:    Gyte Building, Room 5
Phone:       219-9892366

Non-University Resources


ULifeline is an online resource center for college students with mental health and emotional well being problems. On this website, students can learn more about mental health, take a mental health screening, ask questions, find answers, and seek help for self and/or for others.

Half of Us

MTV and the Jed Foundation have “half of us.” This website serves as an online resource and guide for mental health resources for students. It includes artist and student interviews about mental health issues, especially depression.