Student E-mail Policy

Access to E-mail:

Purdue University Calumet provides University E-mail Facilities for legitimate University-related activities to faculty, students, staff, and other individuals and entities granted e-mail privileges at Purdue University Calumet, as well as connections between on-campus electronic mail systems and external data networks.

Use of E-mail for Purdue Calumet Business:

The University’s issued e-mail account is the official mode of communication for Purdue University Calumet students.  Users are expected to read, and shall be presumed to have received and read, all official Purdue University Calumet email messages sent to their Official Purdue University Calumet E-mail Accounts.

Users may forward their Purdue University Calumet e-mail to another e-mail address, but any User who does so expressly assumes all responsibility for delivery beyond the, or domains.