Readmission Checklist

Readmission Procedures (Academic Drop) Checklist

Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS)

This information will help you understand the readmission process and complete the readmission application. Below are the dates the Office of Dean of Students will process applications.

Semester Accepting Applications Application Deadline
Deadlines for Submitting Readmission Applications
Fall March 1st July 1st
Spring October 1st December 1st
Summer March 1st June 1st


The deadline to submit an ODOS Readmission Application and pay the readmission fee is 4:00pm on each deadline date. As we are trying to be environmentally conscious, no mailed applications will be accepted or processed. *NO* applications will be processed after the deadline.

Have you been academically dropped?

You must be in good academic standing to stay in school. Make sure you avail yourself of all the resources available for you to be successful and make the necessary grades to be in good academic standing. If you do not meet the GPA (grade point average) requirement to stay in good standing, you will be placed on academic drop by the University. The GPA requirements for you to stay in good standing are in the table below.

An academic drop starts with an academic probation. Once you are on academic probation, it is a time to take stock of your study habits and priorities and regroup so you can focus on your studies and improve your GPA.

What is academic probation?

You will be placed on academic probation if either the semester or gradu­ation GPA (or index) at the end of a regular semester falls below a specified level for your academic classification. To access the GPA (index) requirement for academic probation, and for the most current information on academic standing qualifications, please click on the following link for Academic Standing.

Click here for other information about academic probation and how to recover from it (the Academic Recovery Program (ARP)), taken from the Center for Student Achievement webpage.

The minimum GPA is based on your classification. Your classification increases with every 15 credits you complete. Contact the Registrar’s Office at 219.989.2210 or log into your PC STAR account if you do not know your current classification. The required GPA for each classification is listed in the table below.


Academic Probation Table

Index Level for Probation  

 0 and 1 1.5
2 1.6
3 1.7
4 1.8
5 1.9
 6 and up 2.0
*If your classification is a “7” or “8” you are exempt from the ARP requirements.


What is academic drop and how did I get here?

Every student at Purdue University Calumet is required to show they have mastered the subject matter of academic courses to remain a student in good academic standing. The mastery of the subject is reflected in your grades. To access the academic drop table, and for the most current information, please click on the following link for Academic Standing.

Students are academically dropped if they were previously on academic probation and if they receive an “F” in 6 or more credit hours in one semester or if their GPA falls below the levels listed in the table below.


Academic Drop Table 

Index Level for Dropping

0 and 1 1.3
2 1.4
3 1.5
4 1.6
5 1.7
6 1.8
7 1.9
8 2.0


Ok, now I know the GPA requirement that will place me on academic drop, what other consequences are there for being placed on academic drop?

Students who are academically dropped from the Purdue University system (including any regional campuses) may not register or attend classes in any capacity, either for credit or on an audit basis, unless they are readmitted by the ODOS. Students who have been academically dropped for the first time are eligible for readmission only after they have completed the non-attendance period of one full regular semester (summer session does not count).  Students who have been academically dropped more than once are required to complete at least one calendar year (or two full semesters) of non-attendance. There are no exceptions to this sit out. To access the Readmit Procedure and the most current information on Academic Standing, please click on the following link for Academic Standing.


How do I appeal an academic drop?

There is no appeal for academic drops.


Are there any exceptions to the academic drop rule?


I have sat out my time as a result of my academic drop, what do I need to do now?

You must fill out a Readmission Application to gain admission back into the University. The ODOS will only accept online applications. No mailed applications will be accepted or processed.  No applications will be processed after the deadline. You will not be able to be readmitted until you pay all outstanding monetary balances.

Complete the following steps to finish the readmission process:

  1. Apply online through the ODOS website for either the Fall / Spring / Summer semester
  2. The Readmission Fee is $100.00, and is non-refundable. Payment can made by phone, by calling Student Accounts at 219.989.2560. Payment can also be made in-person in the Enrollment Services Center at the Student Accounts window, Lawshe Hall, Room 130.


What happens if I do not pay the Readmission Fee?

If you fill out a Readmission Application and do not pay the $100.00 non-refundable fee by the deadline your application is incomplete and will not be processed.


What can I expect after I fill out the Readmission Application and pay the $100.00 non-refundable readmission fee?

The ODOS will review your record to ascertain if you are eligible to be readmitted, and to determine if you have sat out the required time.  Your record will also be assessed to determine if you have an outstanding balance anywhere in the Purdue University system.

Once it is determined that you meet the readmission criteria and fees are paid, the ODOS will Email you instructions on how to proceed.


I have completed the Readmission Application and paid the readmission fee, what happens now?

A decision letter will be emailed to student’s Purdue email account within 15 business days with a final decision.


What if I have further questions, or need to talk to someone?

The Readmission Specialist in the ODOS can help answer your questions and give you further assistance.  You can reach the Readmit Specialist by calling 219.989.4141 or, through email at

If you need further assistance in clarifying or exploring your academic and/or career goals, you may contact a licensed clinical counselor in the Counseling Center, located in Gyte Room G-5. The phone number is 219.989.2366.