Readmission Application

Purdue University Calumet welcomes Purdue University students in good academic standing.  According to University regulations, when academically dropped a student is required to sit out one regular semester.  If dropped more than once, a student is required to sit out at least one calendar year.  After completing the required sit out period, a student may petition for readmission to the Purdue campus he or she wishes to attend.

Effective spring 2015, students who have been academically dropped from Purdue two or more times will not be considered for another readmission to the University. Exceptions that will be considered include:

  • Students who need 15 credit hours or fewer to earn their Purdue degree and can complete their degree requirements in a single semester. Those who want to complete during a summer session must need 9 credit hours or fewer to earn their degree. Students will also need an endorsement from their academic department.
  • Students who were academically dropped for the second time before Spring 2015 and complete their readmission application for Fall 2015 before July 1, 2015.

Purdue students requesting readmission must complete an online readmission application  and pay a $100 non-refundable fee to Student Accounts by phone at (219) 989-2560 or in person in the Enrollment Service Center located in Lawshe Hall, Room 130. This fee must be paid by the designated deadline in order for your application to be processed.

If submitting transcripts please refer to the  Transfer Students web page for the form and guidelines which include a $30 transcript evaluation fee.  Please contact the Office of the Dean of Students for final transcript submission deadlines.

Application Deadlines

The Office of the Dean of Students will only accept completed and paid Readmission Applications. The deadlines to submit an ODOS Readmission Application and pay the readmission fee is 4:00pm on each deadline date. As we are trying to be environmentally conscious, no mailed applications will be accepted or processed. “NO” applications will be processed after the deadline.

Deadlines for Submitting Readmission Applications

Fall Semester

  • Accepting applications starting March 1st
  • Application deadline is July 1st

Spring Semester

  • Accepting applications starting October 1st
  • Application deadline is December 1st

Summer Semester

  • Accepting applications starting March 1st
  • Application deadline is June 1st

Additional Information

Effective at the end of Fall 2015 semester, there are NO EXCEPTIONS for the readmission process. 

Please refer to the Policies and Regulation web page.

For additional information contact the Office of the Dean of Students at (219) 989-4141 or email

* For what semester are you applying?

* Gender

What major and school were you dropped?

* From which campus were you dropped?

What semester and year were you dropped?

* Semester

* Have you been academically dropped from the Purdue system more than once?

* Have you attended any other college, university, and/or served in the armed services since being dropped?

* Would you like to transfer credits from another non-Purdue university?

There is a $30 nonrefundable evaluation fee to be paid at Student Accounts. Transcripts must be delivered to the Admissions Office or the Office of the Dean of Students in a sealed envelope from another institution.

* Citizenship (select one)

(By selecting “None of these Options,” I understand I am not eligible for Indiana resident tuition.)

Is this student / Are you Hispanic/Latino?

* What is this student’s / your race?

Name and Address of someone who can be contacted in case of emergency.

Where have you been living for the past 24 months? (Please list month, day, and year)

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