Academic Drop Status


If a student is already on scholastic probation, the student will be dropped from the university if, at the close of a semester, the graduation index falls below the level in the following table, or if the student receives failing (F) grades in six credit hours or more for the semester.

Classification        Semester Index Less Than       Graduation Index Less Than
0 and 1  1.5  1.5
2 1.5 1.6
3 1.6 1.7
4 1.6 1.8
5 1.7 1.9
6 and up 1.7 2.0


Courses with grades of Incomplete (I, PI) are not included in semester index computations for honors and deficiencies. Completion grades for courses with prior Incompletes are included in the graduation index and will affect honors and scholastic deficiency. The above academic regulations apply only during a regular semester. Students cannot earn scholastic honors, be placed on scholastic probation, or be dropped from the university at the end of a summer session.