2. It is hereby re-affirmed to be University policy to receive and consider suggestions and advice from the clerical and service staff members in the formulation of policies and in the solution of problems affecting the general welfare of, the working condition of, and the services performed by the clerical and service staff.


    1. To provide members of the clerical and service staff with a means of representation and participation in the formulation or change of policies affecting conditions of employment.
    2. To provide an effective means of communication between the clerical and service staff and the University administration.
    3. To act in an advisory capacity to the University administration and make recommendations regarding personnel policies and staff benefits.

    1. The committee shall consist of ten (10) members. Five (5) shall be clerical staff and five(5) shall be service staff.
    2. Applications for membership will be available throughout the year via CSSAC’s Web site and by campus mail upon request. Persons interested in serving a three-year term shall complete the application and return it to the current Chair of CSSAC. The Membership Committee will review all applications and send each applicant a reply. The reply will state whether there are any existing seats open. If not, the application will be held until an opening becomes available. If there is an immediate opening, the applicant(s) will be invited to attend the next CSSAC meeting to observe. After the applicant(s) attend(s) one CSSAC meeting, the Membership committee will vote and a written summary will be attached to the application. The name(s) of the new member(s) will be forwarded to the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services for final approval. New members and their Supervisors will then be notified. Supervisors shall send an email or written statement supporting the appointment and time commitment.
    3. Appointments to the Committee shall be for a three-year term beginning September 1 and ending August 31 of the third year. Members may not serve consecutive terms. After one (1) year of non-membership a person may reapply through the process prescribed in Article III B. Approximately one-third of the total membership shall be replaced each year.
    4. One member shall be appointed by the Committee each year to serve as a representative on the West Lafayette Clerical and Service Staff Advisory Committee.
    5. The Human Resources Director shall serve as an ex-officio member on the Committee.
    6. If a vacancy occurs before a term officially expires, the Committee will attempt to replace the person from the most recent membership applications on file. If the vacancy occurs during the first six months of the term year (September through February), the term is back dated to September 1 of the current term year. If the vacancy occurs after February of the term year, then term year is recorded as September 1 of the upcoming term year. The new member should be from the same staff (clerical or service) as the former member.

  6. Generally representation implies that Committee members shall be available for contact and communication with other clerical and service employees. Every effort will be made to try to equitably distribute representation between the various categories of departments on campus, e.g., academic departments, administrative departments, student service departments, technicians, maintenance, building grounds, etc.


    1. The Committee shall serve as an advisory group as defined in Article II. above.
    2. A Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary shall be elected by the Committee at the May meeting each year. The Vice-Chair must have 2 years minimum remaining on his/her term, so as he/she can serve as Chair the following year. Nominations may be accepted from the floor.
    3. The Chair may appoint standing or ad hoc special committees from among its member- ship to study and make recommendations to the Committee. In special instances, the Chair may recommend that persons not currently members of the Committee be appointed to these special committees.
    4. Meetings shall be called at reasonable times and places. Members have the responsibility of arranging with their supervisors and/or department heads for attendance at meetings. Supervisors and /or department heads shall arrange work schedules to permit members of the Committee to attend meetings in pay status.
    5. A brief “Summary of CSSAC Minutes” will be distributed to all clerical and service staff after approval by the Committee.

  9. Subject matter for discussion and action by the Committee may originate by any of the following methods:

    1. By an individual staff member either:
      1. through a member of the Committee; or
      2. by placing a written and signed statement of the matter on file with the Committee.
    2. By any group of staff members in the same manner prescribed in Article VI. A above.
    3. By the University administration from any of its officers, department heads, heads of offices, or chair(s) of duly appointed University committees.
  10. MEETINGS Meetings will be held monthly.

    1. A schedule of meetings September through August of each year will be distributed to the Committee.
    2. Attendance at meetings is expected. Members are expected to stay until adjournment unless prior arrangements are made. Members have the responsibility of arranging with their supervisors and/or department heads for attendance at meetings. Supervisors and/or department heads shall arrange work schedules to permit members of the Committee to attend meetings in pay status.
    3. If a Committee member is unable to attend a meeting, the member must notify the Chairperson in advance. If unable to reach the Chair, contact the Vice-Chairperson.
    4. After missing two (2) consecutive meetings or three (3) meetings , within the CSSAC year (September through August), the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Ex-officio of the CSSAC shall meet with the Membership Committee.
      1. The Committee will review the member’s absences
      2. The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Ex-officio will meet with the CSSAC member to review the absences with the member
      3. If it is determined that the CSSAC member is unable to be active on the Advisory Committee; or if the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Ex-officio and Membership Subcommittee recommend the member be replaced, the following procedure will be in effect.
      4. Replacement of a member shall be in accordance with the process for filling a CSSAC vacancy in Article III.
    5. Attendance and participation at subcommittee meetings is extremely important. When lack of attendance is an issue, the CSSAC Chair has the discretion, with recommendation from the subcommittee chairperson, to follow the same procedures in (D) above.
    6. If a committee member is unable to attend a subcommittee meeting, the member should notify the subcommittee chairperson or convener.


    Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services