Membership (Article III)

Supervisors of members of CSSAC agree, by virtue of the written letter of support (Article III B) for staff membership; if a change in the condition of support for said member becomes evident, then the Supervisor will proceed in the following prescribed manner.

  1. The Supervisor will contact the Chair of CSSAC and the Director of Human Resources to schedule a meeting to discuss equitable solutions and a time frame for accomplishment and review.
  2. When the period of time for the solution has ended, the Supervisor will meet with the afore mentioned persons to evaluate the progress or lack thereof.  At this juncture if the Supervisor’s expectations have been met to his/her satisfaction, this issue is closed.  If the Supervisor’s expectations are not met the procedure can begin again if that is agreeable, or the staff member should be asked to submit a resignation to CSSAC.
  3. In the event of  this type of resignation or rescinding of membership, the CSSAC Chair will prepare a letter stating the removal is being done in accordance with the CSSAC By-Laws.  The document will also state whether or not CSSAC endorses the withdrawal of membership.  The document will be signed by the Chair of CSSAC and forwarded to the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services for his/her signature.

In the event that a staff member applies for a position in another department on campus, it is the staff member’s responsibility to inform the potential new Supervisor of his/her previous commitment to CSSAC.  If the staff member accepts a new position or promotion that has with it a new Supervisor, then the employee must obtain a written letter of support from that Supervisor for his/her continued membership on CSSAC.

In addition, a staff member cannot apply for membership to CSSAC unless the employee has passed the probationary period, as set forth by the University Policy and Supervisor.