CSSAC Members

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Sherry Velasquez


University Committees:Budget Advisory, Campus Security Advisory, University Forum, West Lafayette Representative, Employee Searches

Subcommittees: Communication/Website, Discounts, Fundraising, Membership Recruitment

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Bridget Marczewski
 Vice Chair

University Committees: Budget Advisory, Food Service Advisory, Multi-Cultural Campus Council, Traffic Appeals, University Forum, West Lafayette Representative and Employee Searches

Subcommittees: Discounts

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Sue Schultz


University Committees: Book Store, Food Service Advisory, Parking Policy Advisory and Employee Searches

Subcommittees: Scholarships, Discounts

Picture coming soon Marla Ropp-Funk

University Committees:Parking Policy Advisory, Traffic Appeals and West Lafayette Representative

Sub Committees: Communications/Website and Discounts


Picture coming soon Erica Burnett 

University Committees: HLC/Higher Learning Center, Campus Security Advisory, Multi-Cultural Campus Council and Employee Searches

Subcommittees: Discounts, Membership/Recruitment


Susan DeLaTorre




University Committees: HLC/Higher Learning Center, Unification

Sub Committees: Discounts, Engagement, Professional Development

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Ila Muller

(219) 989-4158

University Committees: Administrative Leadership Team, Employee Searches

University Committees:: Discounts


Robin McCammon




University Committees: Administrative Leadership Team and Employee Searches

Subcommittees: Discounts