Multimedia and Templates

PowerPoint Templates

Two PowerPoint templates have been created for University staff presentations:

  • Basic version
  • Version with images

The thumbnails show the slides in each version. Download and open each template. [information for adding slides will be added here once the design templates are complete and we can document the steps.] [Thumbnails here]

Standardized font styles and sizes are built into these templates to ensure that the content is easy to read, online and in a presentation. The fonts are sans-serif, and the minimum recommended size is 20 pt.

Outline & Notes Panel:

Use the Outline panel under Views > Outline View, to help ensure that the slides have a logical sequence, that the titles are unique and meaningful and that the reading order is appropriate.

When creating a PowerPoint presentation to post online for download, avoid putting information in the Notes panel that is not available on the slides themselves. This panel may not be accessed by all assistive technology. Putting your speaker notes in that panel for an in-person presentation is not an issue.

Additional Best Practices:

  • Ensure that there is sufficient contrast between foreground and background colors and in images.
  • Don’t use color alone to convey information. Print or look at your slides in grayscale to see if meaning is lost without color.
  • Avoid automatic slide transitions.
  • Replace these with simple slide transitions when needed.
  • Check the reading order of text boxes that you insert into the slide, which are not part of the master layout.
  • Ensure that all embedded video is captioned
  • Include a transcript for embedded audio
  • If your slides contain animations, make them brief and ensure that they don’t distract from the most important content on the page.
  • Add Alt Text for all of your images


When you create a hyperlink using the full address (i.e., the link may not make sense to your in-person audience, or online to a screen reader user. Instead, use descriptive text, such as Purdue University Calumet website, in the Text to Display box .

A link URL is something that can be added to the Notes panel so that someone printing the PowerPoint will be able to type the link into the browser window.