Cohesive Brand FAQs

Top Question & Answers regarding a cohesive Purdue University Calumet Brand.

What is the Purdue University Calumet  “Brand”?
Our brand is our identity based on the higher learning experience, service, and promise that affects our students, alumni, staff, faculty, community partners and donors.
A brand can take many forms, including a name, sign, symbol, color combination or slogan. The word brand has continued to evolve to encompass identity – it reflects the personality of a product, company, institution or service. (edited from Wikipedia)

Visually speaking: What is a brand or a logo?
A Brand or Logo (sometimes called a trademark) is a visual representation of an entity. Logos fall into three main categories: a wordmark (Purdue University Calumet), a device mark (Nike, uses the “check” often alone) or a combination mark (at&t)

Why does a logo matter?
All logos can be successful graphic forms of communication that often have clarity and recognition despite language and culture barriers.  This is a valuable asset to the owner of that logo (or brand)

What does a logo (brand) do for us?
Successful logos do the following for their owner:  They. . .

  • Identify
  • Differentiate
  • Communicate
  • Add Value
  • Aid Imagination
  • Are legal properties
  • Represent assets
  • Assure Quality
  • Assure Origin
  • Represent a promise

Is our Brand the same as our logo?
Yes. However, our brand can be “experienced” here on campus by a visit.  Our logo can be viewed.  Both, when done well create a positive brand impression for our customer. Both work in partnership to serve as a quality standard and a promise for more of the same.

What is a Brand promise?
As the owner and marketer of our brand, we  have a vision of what the brand must be and do for our students, alumni, partners, donors, etc.  (This is reflected in the Strategic Plan)

Is Purdue Calumet a Global brand?
Yes. A global brand is one that is perceived to reflect the same set of values around the world. As this university grows, and attracts attention for its value, its research, its success, and attracts more international students, we are becoming a more successful global brand.

Why should we refine the school and department logos we have created in the past?
Making school and department logos more integrated with and part of the “Purdue” and “Purdue Calumet” brand will enhance communication and add value to each effort that is represented by these visuals.

Will my logo need to be refined?
All logos will need to be refined. We have a process started with advisement from the marketing council for the start of that effort.

I have letterhead and other printed work completed with my logo, will this logo refinement affect these?
You can still use them.  The logo refinements will come in time and you will be aware of the process and schedule and be involved. In the mean time please use your standing supplies until they are exhausted.