Creative Services

Purdue University Calumet is a unique and dynamic institution. It is not only part of the world-renowned Purdue University system, it is also the leading university in its region and continues to grow.

Communicating that value to our internal and external markets rests partly on the effective and correct use of our Purdue University Calumet wordmark.  This wordmark: also known as our logo is an intrinsic and valuable aspect of the Purdue Calumet brand.

Keeping the Purdue Calumet wordmark standardized for proper use is an important strategy for continuing and expanding the strength of this brand.  Using this brand correctly is easier when a clear set of guidelines is accessible and support is provided.

This website provides proper ways to use the brand and the ability to download files for your needs. The files are to be used as is.

This website supports the cohesive use of the wordmark and it allows you to access information, review branding solutions and contact point people as needed.

We hope the university brand guidelines enhance your area’s implementation of effective marketing and communication strategies.  Use the Marketing & Communications team for support.